* What sports are available at Bay Trail?

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Visit the Penfield School District site for more information about sports at Bay Trail.  Intramural sports information is given on the BT announcements.

* Where can I find out more about Bay Trail?

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Visit the school pages on the district website.  You'll find the Parent Handbook, Clubs & Activities, a schedule rotation calendar, traffic patterns, House specific information and more.

*Where can I find a complete list of the Bay Trail teachers?

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A complete list of teachers can be accessed through the District website, www.penfield.edu

From the Quick Links menu, click on Staff Directory. When the page appears, only fill in the "Location" box with the pulldown for Bay Trail Middle School.  This will give you a full list of all staff members with their email addresses.

* I joined the PTA at our elementary school, do I need to join at Bay Trail too?

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YES, you must join all the PTAs that you would like to participate in as a member. Even those given Lifetime Memberships need to join their local PTAs.

Our members pay dues that include a small portion for the state and national offices. In return, local PTAs and members receive access to many valuable resources, information, and training programs.

As a local affiliate of a national organization, local PTAs may be eligible for discounted insurance for special events that are not covered by the school insurance. Non-PTA parent groups usually must purchase more expensive insurance policies to cover special events and liabilities or leave their members at risk.

Numerous benefits are available to dues-paying units and members. For dues payments, Bay Trial's unit have access to financial, legislative, membership, leadership, marketing and public relations resources, subscription to Our Children magazine which includes a legislative section and reproducible newsletter in English and Spanish; electronic newsletters containing leadership tips; professionally designed public service announcements (PSAs) to aid in membership recruitment; leadership training workshops and e-learning opportunities; back-to-school kit containing recruitment ideas, and other materials to get the year started; Teacher Appreciation Week ideas; numerous mailings on parent involvement programs, fundraising, and working collaboratively; and much more.

When PTA gets involved, children benefit. When a member gets involved in PTA, his/her child benefits most. Great benefits of PTA membership for individual members include online resources including Our Children magazine that are full of parenting tips; electronic newsletters to keep you informed on parenting and legislative issues; special discounts and offers from FedEx/Kinko’s, Barnes & Noble, and many more; leadership training, such as electronic courses, annual convention, and leadership workshops; and much more.

* List of Frequently Used Acronyms

posted Jan 3, 2010, 7:56 AM by BT PTA Webmaster   [ updated Sep 23, 2015, 7:39 PM ]

AIE - Arts in Education
BOA - Board Of Education
BT - Bay Trail
DO - District Office
ENEWS - Weekly Newsletter using email
LOTE - Language Other Than English (Latin, Spanish, French, German)
PACE - Parents Advocating Challenge in Education (Enrichment)
PCSD - Penfield Central School District
PTA - Parent Teacher Association
SDM - Shared Decision Making Team composed of the principal, teachers and parents
SEPTA - Special Education Parent Teacher Association
SIP - School Improvement Plan
TAs - Teaching Auditoriums (previous Large auditorium at BT) or Teaching Assistants
TRAILBLAZER - BT Monthly newsletter available online

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