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The Bay Trail PTA Grants Committee is charged with distributing designated PTA funds in ways that will fulfill the PTA’s objectives and benefit the Bay Trail community. 


The Grants Committee was started, at Bay Trail, in the fall of 2005.  Prior to that, the HSA/PTA had funded large cost items on an ad hoc basis. The PTA believed that formalizing the process and using consistent guidelines would ensure the best use of PTA funds; thus the Grants Committee was formed.


Each spring, the Bay Trail PTA Budget Committee determines the amount of funds available for distribution by the following year’s Grants Committee. The Grants Committee meets twice a year to review applications and awards grants. The funds are to be used for the overall improvement of the quality of the educational experience at Bay Trail Middle School. In order to achieve this goal, and the careful consideration of each grant by the committee, the following guidelines are used to assess and rank each grant application:

  1. Grants affecting a significantly greater number of students
  2. Grants related to core academic subjects – math, language, science, social studies
  3. Grants related to non-core and extracurricular activities including arts, music, and sports

Note:   No consideration will be given for or against based on previous awards granted.  Each grant submitted shall be considered on its own merit.

Who can apply?

Student groups, clubs, Bay Trail committees, parents, teachers, staff and any others who are part of the Bay Trail community may apply.

What kinds of large projects has the HSA/PTA funded in the past?

BTTV equipment, Lego Mindstorms robotics kit, bike rack, cafeteria table, a special education work skills station, Ellison die cuts, trophy cases, the wooden sculptures outside the library, Booster club tents, murals, Drama Club spotlight, Science Olympiad t-shirts, printers, and many others.

What amount can be requested?

Any amount can be requested; however funds are limited and will vary from year to year. There isn’t a limit on requests. It is suggested that this process be used for projects costing around $200 or more.

Have an idea about something that will benefit the BT community?

  1. Submit your idea(s), even if you are not the one who will follow through on it, by the deadline specified. Submit a separate application for each idea
  2. (applications are available in the main office or see the application attachment below)
  3. Wait to hear from the Grants Committee. Once all requests have been reviewed, each requestor will be notified of the results of the review (whether the grant was awarded or not).
  4. If granted, the award must be used within the school year it was granted.
BT PTA Webmaster,
Apr 3, 2012, 7:14 PM