Dates & Deadlines

Trailblazer Deadlines
Trailblazers are usually distributed the first week of the month. Please plan accordingly by adhering to the following due dates:
Any submissions should be sent to

Trailblazer Publication Dates
Trailblazers will be generally posted to the Bay Trail website on the first Friday of each month.  Unless specifically requested, Trailblazers will not be mailed home.  If you subscribe to ENews, you will be notified electronically when the issues are available.  To subscribe to E-News, go to the link at the upper right corner of the home page or click here and enter your email address.

Below are the deadlines for articles to be submitted to the newsletter. As you see articles will be due on the last Friday of the month (some dates are worked in and around holidays) By adhering to these deadlines we will be able to have the newsletter out with the most current events and information. Any reports submitted after the deadline will have to be put in the next addition. Thank you for working together to make this a great newsletter for all to read!

December '16 edition- deadline for submissions Nov 25
January '17---Dec 30
February '17---Jan 27
March '17---Feb 24
April '17---Mar 31
May '17---Apr 28
June '17---May 26