Volunteer Descriptions

The Bay Trail PTA has many opportunities for our parents to volunteer; we support the education of students at Bay Trail Middle School.  By volunteering our time and talents we support clubs, grants & awards, community activism, social activities and enrich our children’s class room experience. 


This alphabetized list provides general information about our volunteer opportunities:

6th& 7th Grade Committees / Chairperson

Events held in fall, winter and late spring.  Team is responsible for recruiting volunteers to chaperone events and serve concessions at grade level activity days/dances. This is a small time commitment (1-2 times per year for just a couple of hours) with great benefits for our students.

8th Moving Up Day (MUD- June) Chairperson & Committee

Planning meetings are held in the spring and responsibilities include contacting vendors and working within a budget.  Volunteers chaperon and serve concessions at each event.  

Audit Committee /  one time only in April

Audit the PTA finances for accuracy according to by-laws. Confirm all procedures are being followed for the fiscal year.  No financial experience necessary. 

Arts-In-Education (AIE) / 2 year term

Faculty-advised activity with parent representatives.  The team selects activities based on teacher requests and allocated funding to enhance Educational experiences through exposure to the arts.  Members serve a 2 year term; the 2 positions held expire on alternating years.  http://www.penfield.edu/departments.cfm?subpage=494967

Box Tops Volunteers

Prepare and mail all Box Tops received in Bay Trail.  These fundraising efforts assist the PTA in meeting financial goals.

Budget Committee

Team meeting held in February to review previous financial activities for the PTA.  Set budget goals and spending limits for the upcoming school year.  No financial experience necessary. 



Directs business of the association in cooperation with members of the executive board committee.  Plan & facilitate PTA meetings, attend PAB meetings, authorize expenses, oversee committees, coordinate announcements using Trailblazer Newsletter & E-News.   http://www.baytrailpta.org/volunteer-opportunities/executive-board-opportunities   

E-News / 1 hour weekly      

Coordinate announcements for our electronic weekly newsletter.  Responsibilities include creating and publishing newsletter using Constant Contact. 

Fundraising Chairperson

Coordinate fundraisers, document order and fund details for each event.  Plan volunteers with the support of the PTA volunteer coordinator.  Working closely with the PTA treasurer to deposit funds and verify accounting information - Recent fundraising example:  Spiritwear.

Fundraising Committee – needed throughout the year as necessary

Volunteers will support the Fundraising Chairperson with staffing and coordinating fundraising events. 

Scholarship Chairperson/Committee -April/May

The Bay Trail PTA Scholarship Committee is charged with receiving and reviewing applications for the Bay Trail PTA sponsored scholarship to be awarded to a deserving PHS Senior at the end of the year.


Membership Chairperson

Critical role in coordinating membership drives, communicating with parents and teachers to reach goals.  Document membership information and track fees collected.  Working closely with the BT treasurer and attending PTA meetings quarterly.

Parent University Volunteer

Team will coordinate guest speakers and attend event. This event is coordinated by the Parent Advisory Board and not held every year. Volunteers will be requested in years that the event is being held.  

Program Coordinator

Invite guest speakers to BT to discuss relevant educational topics with parents and students.  The Program Coordinator will invite speakers to join PTA meetings or separate event dates.  Examples of guest speakers include:  BT counselors, local experts and pediatricians.  3 – 4 separate events will be planned with the PTA president for PTA meetings; the BT Principal will approve other event dates.  

Recording Secretary

Record and maintain a permanent file of all agenda/notes for association meetings.  Maintain documentation including monthly membership and fundraising reports along with all reports pertaining to the work of the association.  Organize documentation and post online.  Keep copy of current state approved by-laws.  Detail oriented volunteer position that also supports the Correspondence Secretary when necessary.

Reflections Volunteer

Reflections is a National PTA arts competition held annually. Responsibilities of the Reflections Volunteer include working with art faculty to share information about the competition with students via flyers, e-news, Trailblazer and in-school announcements; collecting entries and submitting them to the district Reflections chairperson, and announcing winners. This is a fun opportunity for someone with a little time in the spring to organize announcements, with more time needed in the fall to meet November 1st submission deadline.  

Shared Decision Making Representative (SDM) - 2 year term

This team is composed of the principal, teachers and parents.  Periodic meetings held to discuss projects and issues that affect students, teachers and families.  The SDM team has the authority to identify critical issues and establish priorities related to student achievement.  This team may choose to address items such as, but not limited to: student outcomes, budget & staffing, schedules, curriculum innovation, interdisciplinary projects, subject priorities, regular and special programs, & professional / school / community issues.     

Staff Appreciation Breakfast – June 

Planning session held in May.  Meeting with BT Principal prior to event to consider ideas, coordinate menu, and assign tasks.  Parent Volunteers need to be available at BT the last day of school from 7 – 11 am (shifts available).

Teacher Appreciation Week– April/May          

Meeting with Student Council in April to event to consider ideas and vote on project.  This is a school wide effort working with the students to give recognition to all teaching staff at Bay Trail.  Project deadline is in April, parents need to be available at BT lunch times (10 am – 1 pm) for one or two days in April/May (shifts available).

Trailblazer Editor

Coordinate announcements for our electronic monthly newsletter. 


Maintain financial records for PTA, reconciliation report monthly, organize documentation for yearly audit.   Receives records and disburses all money as prescribed in the by-laws.  Presents financial documentation for Audit committee in April and as the treasurer position transitions to a new volunteer.  Report Audit results to Executive board and provide documentation to Recording Secretary.  Present a written financial statement at each general meeting of the association.  Keeps records of membership dues paid to state and national PTA’s.  Pays all receivables including the insurance premium for organization.

Volunteer Coordinator

Work with activity organizers to announce volunteer needs.  Reviews announcements and submits them for Enews/Volunteer Spot (online/email invitations).  Attend PTA meetings & keep an ongoing roster of volunteers.  This position helps everyone involved in the PTA!

Webmaster / 1 hour weekly

Maintain PTA website, update weekly announcement e-board.  Track and communicate Penfield School District updates.  Maintain email groups for PTA Board.