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* I joined the PTA at our elementary school, do I need to join at Bay Trail too?

posted Jan 3, 2010, 8:07 AM by BT PTA Webmaster   [ updated Sep 23, 2015, 7:38 PM ]
YES, you must join all the PTAs that you would like to participate in as a member. Even those given Lifetime Memberships need to join their local PTAs.

Our members pay dues that include a small portion for the state and national offices. In return, local PTAs and members receive access to many valuable resources, information, and training programs.

As a local affiliate of a national organization, local PTAs may be eligible for discounted insurance for special events that are not covered by the school insurance. Non-PTA parent groups usually must purchase more expensive insurance policies to cover special events and liabilities or leave their members at risk.

Numerous benefits are available to dues-paying units and members. For dues payments, Bay Trial's unit have access to financial, legislative, membership, leadership, marketing and public relations resources, subscription to Our Children magazine which includes a legislative section and reproducible newsletter in English and Spanish; electronic newsletters containing leadership tips; professionally designed public service announcements (PSAs) to aid in membership recruitment; leadership training workshops and e-learning opportunities; back-to-school kit containing recruitment ideas, and other materials to get the year started; Teacher Appreciation Week ideas; numerous mailings on parent involvement programs, fundraising, and working collaboratively; and much more.

When PTA gets involved, children benefit. When a member gets involved in PTA, his/her child benefits most. Great benefits of PTA membership for individual members include online resources including Our Children magazine that are full of parenting tips; electronic newsletters to keep you informed on parenting and legislative issues; special discounts and offers from FedEx/Kinko’s, Barnes & Noble, and many more; leadership training, such as electronic courses, annual convention, and leadership workshops; and much more.