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Arts in Education Programs provide services for teachers and students in support of the New York State Learning Standards.
These services strengthen and support learning in all areas of the curriculum by providing students and teachers with a new lens through which to look at and experience the world.

Each year, the PTA, Penfield Central School District, and Monroe #1 BOCES contribute money to the overall AIE budget for each school.

Typically in a school year, the combined funds help to bring the 6th grade Author, Cynthia Lord to Bay Trail in collaboration with the Library and ELA departments for a workshop / presentation, a Broadway musical workshop in collaboration with the Enrichment Program, and visiting artists, musicians, authors and other arts performers.

The purpose is to tie the arts in with everyday learning as it has been proven throughout time to aid in the learning process

Some specific examples:

  • Whole grade presentation on Energy at the Rochester Museum and Science Center
  • Whole school ‘Unleashed’ improv performances
  • Small group ‘Unleashed’ improv workshops
  • Whole grade math presentation/activity through Spectrum
  • Monthly recurring workshops with special education classes on means of expression other than verbal
  • Small group workshop with various collegiate acapella groups
  • Whole 6th grade presentation and workshop with Cynthia Lord, author of Rules
  • Small group workshops with touring Broadway artists
  • Host an Arts In Education festival that coincides with the School Musical that showcases artwork from all 3 art classrooms
Bay Trail PTA