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The Bay Trail PTA has many opportunities for our parents to volunteer.
We support and further the education of students at Bay Trail Middle School.
By volunteering our time and talents, we will support clubs, grants & awards, community activism, social activities and enrich our children’s class room experience.

This alphabetized list provides general information about our volunteer opportunities.
If you are interested in volunteering for one of these, please email the Volunteer Coordinator at with the committee(s) you are interested.
Please be aware some of these positions are currently filled, so if there are multiple committees you are interested, please list all in order of interest.

6 th & 7 th Grade Committees/Chairperson – 2 Chairs/4 committee members, commitment varies every year

Works closely with student council and school to assist with needs of events as needed.
Committee to chaperone events and serve concessions.
This is a small commitment with great benefits for our students.

8 th Grade Dance (May) & Moving Up Day (MUD – June) – 2 Co-Chairs & 3 Committee members/ 10 hours planning + attendance on Event Day

Planning events in April, including contacting vendors and working within a budget.
Volunteers chaperon and serve concessions at each event.
MUD gives parents the opportunity to spend the day celebrating with our graduation class.
Audit Committee – 4 positions/4 hours one time only in spring or summer Audit, according to by-laws, all deposits and withdrawals for accuracy.
Budget, general ledger and check writing verification.
Confirm all procedures are being followed for the fiscal year.
No financial experience necessary.

Arts-in-Education (AIE) – 2 positions/5 hours annually Faculty-advised activity with parent representatives.

The team selects activities based on teacher requests and parent input and allocated funding to enhance Educational experiences through exposure to the arts.
Members serve a 2 year term, the 2 positions held expire on alternating years.

Budget Committee – 3 to 4 positions/2 hours in February

Team meeting held in February to review previous financial activities for the PTA.
Set budget goals and spending limits for the upcoming school year.

Co-President – 2 spots/2 – 1 year terms; 5 hours monthly + attending PTA meetings

Plan and facilitate PTA meetings, attend PAB meetings and coordinate announcements, authorize expenses, oversee committees, support volunteers, coordinate announcements using Trailblazer Newsletter & E-News, address questions and inquiries, liaison for district communications to parents.
This key position is critical for the success of our PTA.
New co-president term to start 2020-2021 school year

E-News – 1 spot/1 hour weekly

Coordinate announcements for our electronic weekly newsletter.
This opportunity works closely with all PTA volunteers.

Fundraising Chairperson – 1 spot/10 hours quarterly

Coordinate annual fundraisers, document order and fund details for each event.
Plan volunteers with the support of the PTA volunteer coordinator.
Works closely with the PTA treasurer to deposit funds and verify accounting information – Recent fundraising
example: Spiritwear

Fundraising Committee – 3 spots

Volunteers will support the Fundraising Chairperson with staffing and coordinating fundraising events with business partners.
Recent fundraising efforts: Enchanted Rose Garden, Panera.
Assist with Spiritwear sales in October & January – help organize orders and staff table for pickup.

Membership Chairperson – 1 spot/5 – 7 hours

Critical role in coordinating membership drives, communicating with parents and teachers to reach goals.
Document membership information and track fees collected.
Working closely with the Treasurer and attending PTA meetings quarterly.

Nominating Committee – 3 spots/February to June 2 hours monthly

Team posts openings for Bay Trail PTA’s Executive Board (Co-Presidents, Treasurer & Secretary).
Reviews candidates and coordinates vote in May PTA meeting.

Parents Advocating for Challenge in Education (PACE/Enrichment) – 1 spot/5 hours quarterly

This group of parents support Penfield’s PACE program which represents students who
are highly able in one or more areas. The team advocates for our school and students
and works with staff to recognize and meet the diverse educational, social and emotional
needs of students.

Parents University Volunteer – time commitment varies by year and events/3 spots

Team will coordinate guest speakers and attend bi-yearly event.
Teaching parents new educational trends, medical information and treatments.

Reflections Volunteer – 2 spots/Fall Coordination 10 hours; Spring Coordination 2 hours

Spring announcement created for this Middle and High School Student competition.
Children have the summer and early fall to submit projects.
The Reflections Volunteers work closely with students, faculty and PHS to submit projects and announce winners.
This is a fun opportunity for someone with a little time in the spring to organize announcements with more time needed in the fall to meet the November 1 st submission
This is a National PTA program.

Scholarship Committee – 2 spots/3 hours (bi-annual meetings)

The Bay Trail PTA Grants & Awards Committee is charged with distributing designated PTA funds in ways that will fulfill the PTA’s objectives and benefit the Bay Trail
The Grants Committee meets twice a year to review applications and awards grants.
The funds are to be used for the overall improvement of the quality of the educational experience at Bay Trail Middle School.

Secretary – 1 spot/2 – 3 hours monthly (includes meetings)

Record and maintain agenda/notes for all PTA meetings.
Track membership lists and documentation pertaining to the work of the association.
Organize documentation and post online.
Detail oriented volunteer position.
New secretary term to start 2020-2021 school year

Shared Decision Making Representative (SDM) – 2 spots – 2 year term/2 hours quarterly (meets 4 times a year)

This team is composed of the principal, teachers and parents.
Periodic meetings held to discuss projects and issues that affect students, teachers and families.
The SDM team has the authority to identify critical issues and establish priorities related to student achievement.
This team may choose to address items such as, but not limited to:

  • student outcomes
  • budget & staffing
  • schedules
  • curriculum innovation
  • interdisciplinary
  • projects
  • subject priorities
  • regular and special programs & professions/school/community issues

The 2 positions held expire on alternating years

Special Education Parent Teacher Association Representative (SEPTA) – 1 spot/2 – 4 hours monthly (includes meetings)

SEPTA serves as a resource to families of children with special needs from preschool
through high school. Volunteers help to provide education to parents and the broader
community on Special Education issues and services, as well as to work closely with the
Penfield Central School District.

Staff Appreciation Breakfast – 2 Chairs/3 – 4 committee members/10 hours, planning session + attend event – June (planning session also)

Planning session held in May.
Meeting with BT Principal prior to event to consider ideas, coordinate menu and assign tasks.
Parent Volunteers need to be available at BT the last day of school from 7 – 11 am (shifts available).

Teacher Appreciation Week – 2 spots/10 hours, planning session + attend event –April/May

Meeting with Student Council before April deadline to consider ideas and vote on project.
This is a school wide effort working with the students to give recognition to all teaching staff at Bay Trail.
Project deadline is in April, parents need to be available at BT lunch times (10am – 1pm) for one or two days in April/May (shifts available).

Trailblazer Editor – 1 spot/2 – 3 hours monthly

Coordinate announcements for our electronic monthly newsletter.
This opportunity works closely with all PTA volunteers.

Treasurer – 1 spot;2 – 1 year terms/2 – 3 hours monthly + attend PTA meetings

Maintain financial records for PTA, reconciliation report monthly, organize documentation for yearly audit.
New treasurer term to start 2021-2022 school year

Volunteer Coordinator – 1 spot/1 – 2 hours monthly

Work with activity organizers to announce volunteer needs. Attend PTA meetings & keep an ongoing roster of volunteers.

Webmaster – 2 spots/1 hour monthly

Maintain PTA website, update weekly announcement e-board.
Track and communicate Penfield School District updates.
Maintain email groups for PTA Board.

Bay Trail PTA