PTA Reflections

Bay Trail PTA celebrates the arts by inviting all students to participate in the PTA Reflections program!

Students may submit entries in a variety of creative areas

  • dance choreography
  • film production
  • literature
  • musical composition
  • photography
  • visual arts
  • Special Artist 

The 2017-2018 Reflections program theme is "Within Reach" 

Reflect on the theme. Create an original work.  Be recognized.  National PTA Reflections is America's oldest and largest arts education program of its kind. The program encourages students to explore their talents and express themselves.  All Bay Trail students are invited to participate.  Entries will be judged by community artists and winning entries will move on to the regional level of judging and maybe on to state and national levels.

You may submit entries in film production, dance choreography, literature, music composition, photography, and visual arts. Deadlines for submissions will be posted after the start of the school year. For more information, e-mail To get an entry form, see Mr. Garza or click here (coming soon).


Each entry must be the original work of one student only. An adult may not alter the creative integrity of a student’s work. Because the program is designed to encourage and recognize each student’s individual creativity, help from an adult or collaboration with other students is not allowed. Only one student may be recognized as the award recipient for each entry. Other individuals may appear in or perform a student’s work, but the work itself—the dance choreography or film production (including screenplay, camerawork, and directing) or musical composition (including written score and any lyrics), etc.—must be the creative product of one student only. (See the specific arts area rules for details.)


Use of copyrighted material (other than recorded music in dance choreography and film production entries) is prohibited.


A Word to Parents
As with any student activity, parent involvement and support are very important, but parents must remember that student artists need to be responsible for their own work. Children must make their own decisions about what to create and what to enter in the Reflections Program. By producing their own literature, musical compositions, photographs, films, dance routines, and visual artwork, children learn about the arts and, more importantly, they learn about themselves. Students should simply do their best; crooked lines, incorrect musical notes, or misspelled words do not disqualify anyone

In School Contact - Mr. Brian Garza
PTA Contacts - Mrs. Suzanne Freeman

For more information about Reflections in Penfield, visit our District Reflections Website
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Sep 20, 2016, 12:55 PM