Volunteer Opportunities

The foundation of the PTA is the members. They have paid dues in support of the Purposes of the organization. They have rights as members to inclusion, participation in decision-making and active involvement. The role of the PTA board is to establish the framework within which everyone works. The board is a team of volunteers who are members of the PTA and who are elected to office or appointed to chairmanships to work together to set goals for the local unit, council or Region PTA and to establish methods of operation in order to achieve those goals. Effective teamwork requires mutual respect, knowledge of the demands of the roles of others, compassion and commitment.

Association ("A")

The "Association" refers to all of the members of the PTA unit or council. Members should always be informed about important issues. Members elect the nominating committee, elect the officers, vote to adopt the budget, vote to adopt the bylaws every three years, and should always vote on recommendations requiring action of the unit or council.

The Association holds monthly meetings as possible. Attendance is always welcome and appreciated.

Executive BOARD ("B")

The Executive Board consists of the elected officers, plus the immediate past president, standing committee chairmen, council delegates, and the administrator. The Executive Board creates committees, fills vacancies, adopts procedures, approves plans of action of committees and chairmen, and reports to the members. Executive Board members have fiduciary responsibilities to the association.

The Executive Board meets monthly as possible. Members of the Executive Board are expected to attend or send a representative from their committee in their absence.

Executive COMMITTEE ("C")

The Executive Committee consists of the elected officers as listed in our bylaws (President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary). They help the President see that the goals of the unit or council are carried out. The Executive Committee appoints standing committee chairmen with the President, makes recommendations to the Executive Board, and is responsible to the members who have elected them. Members of the Executive Committee should learn their responsibilities as quickly as possible after their election to ensure an easy transition.