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PTA in Action – Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers dedicate so much for our kids and they absolutely deserve all the appreciations.

For this year’s teacher appreciation week, PTA asked parents and students for donations and simple thank you notes.

Thanks to everyone’s generosity, PTA was able to collect over $2600!
With the donations collected PTA provided snacks and food to teachers. (Check out the pictures below!)
Huge thanks to all the families who donated!
Any funds leftover will be used towards End of Year staff breakfast on June 23rd.

We also received over 160 thank you notes from students and families, which were forwarded to teachers throughout the week.

Thanks to all Bay Trail families for making this year’s Teacher Appreciation Week the best one yet!

PTA exists through memberships and with help of volunteers.

If you haven’t, please consider joining Bay Trail PTA.
Joining PTA doesn’t require you to make any time commitment at all.

If you want to take a bigger role in supporting our teachers and students, please consider becoming a board member!
We are accepting nominations! 2023 Nomination


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